First Nations owned – List

Economic Prosperity

The new additional Rail lines and seaport infrastructure provided by the project would deliver new growth opportunities across Canada’s natural resource sector agriculture and mining industries.


Nee Sta Nan aims to exceed environmental standards throughout its operations. Our plan would reduce nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions currently been produced by both Rail & Shipping. Phase 2 of the project .by increasing the use of hydroelectric power in western provinces and shaving thousands of kilometres off existing international oil shipping routes.

First Nations Benefits

  • First Nations in all decision making
  • Ownership income, plus profits from existing hydro power ownership
  • Expanded tax base for First Nations’ economic self-sufficiency and control of destiny
  • Focused on maximizing job creation for First Nations before, during and after construction
  • Industry spin offs in communities, including revenues to improve housing, social services and the local economy
  • As owners, First Nations would drive environmental goals, maximizing the project’s sustainability

Discover the Nee Sta Nan Project

A Fort McKay First Nations’ member provides an overview of the project as well as his perspectives on the economic, environmental and social transformation the utility corridor can bring to First Nations and Canadians.