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NeeStaNan – Investor Relations

Prairie commodities such as oil, wheat and potash are landlocked in Western Canada. Current methods of transporting these resources to reach international markets are costly and inefficient. Landlocked Canadian oil doesn’t attract world oil prices (estimated lost revenues are $20 million per day). Canada’s oil sands are high emitters of greenhouse gases. Prairie industries need cleaner energy.

Manitoba’s hydroelectric potential is under-utilized. The proposed inter-provincial Nee Sta Nan Utility Corridor (NUC) is a First Nations-led economic development initiative and partnership with the mission to have First Nations own a continuous multi-modal utility and right of way across the Prairies. The NUC will stretch from the oil sands of Alberta to a new seaport (Port Nelson, Manitoba) on the western shore Hudson Bay. Port Nelson would be the shipping gateway of the Nee Sta Nan project, providing Canadian exporters with new, shorter routes to bring their products to new Canadian and world markets.

The NUC would integrate the electrical grid in Western Canada by creating a new demand for Manitoba’s hydro-generated electricity. This will provide sustainable, cleaner energy and replace the need to burn CO2-emitting fuels., therefore reducing GHG emissions and making Canada and the world “greener”. The NUC will create an economy that will be large-scale, environmentally sustainable, and will enhance communities far beyond the Corridor itself.

The new pipeline, hydroelectric, rail and seaport infrastructure provided by the NUC project would deliver new growth opportunities across Canada’s natural resource sector and will transform First Nations communities and benefit Canada by creating new trade routes for its products. A trans-national Utility Corridor is long overdue for Canada. To learn more about the NUC and how you can participate in this bold and transformational project, please complete the form below.

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