Overview – Solution



The NeeStaNan Utility Corridor Project will be led by First Nations. Prairie commodities such as potash, natural gas, wheat, and bitumen are landlocked in Western Canada. Current methods of transporting these resources are costly and inefficient, involving transporting resources via rail or pipelines to the west through the Rocky Mountains to reach international markets..


The NeeStaNan Utility Corridor will provide rail transportation for Potash to be shipped out of Port Nelson, Manitoba. Currently, potash is being railed to Port Moody, Vancouver. This is a longer more difficult route with mountains and a crowded port to contend with. NeeStaNan Utility Corridor will create opportunities by reducing rail by over “630 km” and shipping route by “3800 km”.

The NeestaNan Corridor would reduce the distance by over 4400 km – making it over 30% shorter.

New railway capacity
Connecting Canada’s agricultural products and minerals to international markets.

New international trade routes for Canada’s commodities.

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