Why Now?

Why Now?


Canada’s goods exports rose significantly in June, up 8.7%

“The rail line is a lifeline for those communities, quite frankly, and what is keeping that open is exports. So the conversation with respect to the potential of shipping some of our energy products out of a northern or an Arctic port is a fair conversation for us to have,”
Premier Scott Moe said in Regina

Current shipping routes are long and complex

“I say, the Creator created all things for a purpose. It’s not in the use of them, it’s in the abuse where things go wrong. I say we can develop our resources as long as we’re cognizant of the fact we need to put back. For every dollar you spend on development you can spend a dollar on the environment. Both will have their returns.”
– Robert Wavey, Former Chief & CEO, Fox Lake Cree Nation, Former Deputy Minister, Manitoba